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- Dr Brian McCarthy's Chess Pages

Chess Instruction from Life Master Dr. Brian McCarthy Ph.D. Molecular Pathology/Immunology, 1st Online World Chess Champion, Leisure Linc Network! Many National Champion Students!

- C'Escacs: Hexagonal Chess

C'escacs is an hexagonal chess variant on a 169 cells three colored hexagonal board, inspired on Glinski's hexagonal chess and Capablanca's chess. The Bishop-Knight compound makes the Pegasi, and the Rook-Knight compound makes the Dragon. Almogavar can jump two steps orthogonaly, or move one step diagonaly

- Blake's Sanctum

Blake's Sanctum - Amazing Doom 2 & Civilization 2 Mods, Fantasy / RPG shrine, Emulation & Roms, Lord Of The Rings & Star Trek action pics, Ways to earn money by just browsing the net!!

- Duke Nukem 3D TC Site

Duke Nukem 3D Mods and Total Conversions available for download. Reviews and screenshots of each mod are also provided.

- L. Lynn Smith Games

A collection of games developed by L. Lynn Smith. Including an in-depth analysis of Edgar Rice Burrough's game of Martian Chess Jetan.

- Go Oyunu

- The Vandhaal old website

The Vandhaal old website Geocities

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