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- Mary Nemtzow

Mary Nemtzow Spaces

- Chuck Taylor's Genealogy Site

- Wire Paladin

Contents: Teaching notes and postings for University of Texas courses on Medieval History, Medieval Warfare, World War I, Genealogy, Spanish History, European Expansion. Also: Commentary (political, social, scientific, academic); Humor (political and non-political)

- Mike Alexander

Mike Alexander Spaces

- Descendants of William Bendall (1795?-1865?)

The family Bendall/Bendall were descended from William, who lived in Wich,Christchurch,England The eldest son is merchant navy man, and retired to settle down with family in Ipswich,England.

- Hoosier Genes

Personal genealogy web page

- Johnny Killian

Johnny Killian Spaces

- Barry Dunagan's Genealogy and Military History

My genealogy and military history of Gibson County, Tennessee

- Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones Spaces

- Adrienne Davis

Adrienne Davis Spaces

- Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips Spaces

- Jessie Martinez

Jessie Martinez Spaces

- Sandy Mack

Sandy Mack Spaces

- Lisa Lietzow

Lisa Lietzow Spaces

- Family Tree

Genealogy & ongoing research of my extended family roots in Australia & overseas

- Genealogy Webspaces

*New Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing - About WebRing's genealogy webspace. WebRing's webspace has grown from a mere 500 pages of genealogy to thousands of genealogy webspace sites since 2009.

- A search for history - Genie's Lamp - McGroartys of Donegal & Salem, MA

Biographies, photographs, ducuments, research updates & links

- Nancy Ragsdale

Nancy Ragsdale Spaces

- Dexter Carney

Dexter Carney Spaces

- Gibsons in Indiana Co., PA

- Michelle Fernandez

Michelle Fernandez Spaces

- Scircle family Genealogy Pages

The Zirkle, Circle, Scircle Research Site

- Family History & Choctaw lines

My family history and Choctaw history with Pushmataha information. Maps to choctaw lands both Mississippi and Oklahoma Territory.

- Jason Dixon

Jason Dixon Spaces

- Brandon Familia

Brandon Familia Spaces

- Yolanda Moore

Yolanda Moore Spaces

- IV Dragoon

This Page commemorates the patriots of Colonel Stephen Moylan's Fourth Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons that wrote a noteworthy chapter in the history of the United States during the American Revolutionary War from January of 1777 to July of 1783.

- Guy Howard

Guy Howard Spaces

- Our Extended Families

This site features my earliest efforts at researching the extended families of my husband's and my own birth families. It is a public site.

- Virtual Caddo

Virtual Caddo is the web site of the descendents of Joe and Willie Lowe Justiss.

- Daily's of the Southwest

An Arizona Pioneer searches for Marines of Kilo Company Vietnam 1966 and descendants of Lewis Bradford Daily of Las Cruces, New Mexico 1872

- Lady Raven's Nest

Home of Lady Raven of Poolside Chat, a.k.a Kim (Munn) Goebel and my family. This site has links to other sites on the Mi'kmaq people and their culture. Hope you enjoy your visit.

- Alfonso Villarreal

Alfonso Villarreal Spaces

- Harr - Richards Home Page

- LEGG Family History

Family history of LEGG

- Christopher Parker

Christopher Parker Spaces

- Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer Spaces

- Coulombe Genealogy

This website has info regarding the surnames Coulombe, Vezina, Weddle, Beaudoin in my lineage.

- Michael Baker

Michael Baker Spaces

- Linda's Genealogy Page

Family research in the following surnames: Flowers, Henneke, Dunham, DeWitt, Maddock, Ballard, McVoy, Maddock, Tucker, and many others.

- Richard Simpson

Richard Simpson Spaces

- Melissa Steigerwald

Melissa Steigerwald Spaces

- Genealogy Network


- Munn Family Tree

This site contains the Munn Family Tree dating back to Donald Munn Sr. who came over from Scotland in the 1790's. It contains links to famous Munn Family members like Russ (Munn) Wheeler, and Catherine Karnes Munn. This Munn family tree site has a forum so if you have information on someone listed, that is not on the page, post it there.

- Linda Spransy

Linda Spransy Spaces

- Alfredo Starr

Alfredo Starr Spaces

- Delreece Dunn

Delreece Dunn Spaces

- Kevan Blackburn

Kevan Blackburn Spaces

- Rachel Leon

Rachel Leon Spaces

- Witts Family and Descendants

Alfred Dyts WITTS Descendants Family Tree, Jones Family- Diaries, Stories, History, Photos. Link to Vk2jpl's HamShack

- Joe Rothstein

Joe Rothstein Spaces

- Haupt Family Origins

Haupt Family History involving surnames: Haupt, Houpt, Houpe, Houp, Haub, Hoppt, Hape, Hawpe, and many others.

- Michael Raymundo

Michael Raymundo Spaces

- South Carolina Smith Genealogy

I am researching the history of my grandfather, Eulus Smith.

- African American Resources

Resources to help document African American ancestry.

- Stephen J. Kelsey Ancestry

Records detailing relatives and ancestors of Stephen Jorgensen Kelsey, many of whom were Utah Pioneers.

- Mari Seley

Mari Seley Spaces

- Oliver Robinson

Oliver Robinson Spaces

- Jordan Lynch

Jordan Lynch Spaces

- The Genealogy Home Page of Robert Tofts

The Tofts family history from East Lothian Scotland

- Origination of Walicki surname.

- Brenda Thompson

Brenda Thompson Spaces

- Eric Curry

Eric Curry Spaces

- Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown Spaces

- Dennis Garrett

Dennis Garrett Spaces

- Whittaker Tree and Branches

Whittaker, Whitaker and all variations, mostly in Nottinghamshire but spreading out. Plus many other Nottinghamshire families.

- John Hoskins

John Hoskins Spaces

- Todd Dixon

Todd Dixon Spaces

- Mesfin Mccutcheon

Mesfin Mccutcheon Spaces

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