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- D.C. Freelance

Freelance writing and editing

- Joe Olsen

Joe Olsen Spaces

- Omar Barnes

Omar Barnes Spaces

- Billy Schultz

Billy Schultz Spaces

- Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee Spaces

- Frank Perry

Frank Perry Spaces

- Queen Of The Black Coast

One of the original short stories about Conan the Cimmerian, written by Robert E. Howard and first published in Weird Tales magazine in 1934

- Writers' Well

Where writers come to read, review and rendezvous.

- Christopher Rivera

Christopher Rivera Spaces

- Brandi Torres

Brandi Torres Spaces

- Agustin Smith

Agustin Smith Spaces

- Debra Shiveley Welch

Debra Shiveley Welch is an award winning best selling author who promotes the adoption of special needs children.

- Shannon Huang

Shannon Huang Spaces

- Jennelle Tsui

Jennelle Tsui Spaces

- Hiding in Plain Sight

A fiction site with some nonfictional essay writing included.

- Zach Jimenez

Zach Jimenez Spaces

- Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie Cooper Spaces

- I'm Insane, What's Your Excuse

Miscellanious Nonsense

- Mark Dixon

Mark Dixon Spaces

- Jems's Books

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- Ghost Writer, Inc.

GWI is on the Internet as an affordable ghost writer, rewriter, copy editor and proof reader of book manuscripts, music lyrics and screenplays, and we have performed many other types of freelance and contracted writing jobs. I usually only take credit as the editor when I ghost write or copy edit for an author, and my fees are lower than industry standard rates for most ghost writers, rewriters, copy editors and proof readers. Please visit our website at for more info about Ghost Writer, Inc. We perform affordable, inexpensive freelance copy writing, ghostwriting, copy editing, proofreading, analysis and full professional formatting for books, memoirs and screenplays, and we do many other writing-related services for reasonable prices. We also offer a links exchange service and many other pro services such as graphics and photography, literary agency, marketing, sales, promotions, publishing and/or optioning assistance. We may even be able to arrange a TV show, film, video or movie to be made from your book, and/or we can arrange professional services that present and pitch your work to major TV and film industry executives, too!

- * a wayferrer page *

* a poetry page for pilgrims *

- Vanessa Hall

Vanessa Hall Spaces

- La Nouvelle Decadence

A democratic arts community for the Poets and Philosophers of the 21st Century, that romantically expresses the Thanatos, or death instinct, of the Decadents, and the Eros, or life instinct, of the Existentialists. Features an extensive library of biographies and works in translation by Shakespeare, Blake, Poe, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Nietzsche, Wilde, Rimbaud, Corelli. Includes a chatroom, forums, and the Poetic Space Literary Journal.

- Lassie Rowan Gamwich and Frances Barratts Middle-Earth Fanfiction Page

Fanfiction based on Lord of the Rings's characters. Written by Lassie Rowan Gamwich and Frances Barrett.

- Abide:a novel-in-a-blog

Frank Berman, father, husband, and newspaperman, is taken hostage in a liquor store holdup and, in the ensuing high-speed chase with an off-duty motorcycle cop, is shot in the head. Though comatose he still dreams, not only about his grieving family but also about his dead father, a notorious gambler, bootlegger, and politician in 1930s/40s Baltimore.

- loertha

.sendoff verbiage to himself

- Doug Lawler

Doug Lawler Spaces

- Mackerel Sky Books & More

An independent bookstore, gift shop and art gallery specializing in books of local interest, art by local artists and gifts of all kinds.

- Cheryl Taylor

Cheryl Taylor Spaces

- Shaun West

Shaun West Spaces

- Jeremy Little

Jeremy Little Spaces

- Jeremy Vargas

Jeremy Vargas Spaces

- Lisa Neal

Lisa Neal Spaces

- William Ellis

William Ellis Spaces

- Jacob Castro

Jacob Castro Spaces

- Angela Davis

Angela Davis Spaces

- Stepping Into the Unknown

Though she already knew it deep within, Aimee follows the advice of the Tarot to step into the Unknown for new beginnings rather than be foolish and let change happen to her. She chooses to head out into the darkness of the future to find her way.

- Kelly Woods

Kelly Woods Spaces

- Marcus Lewis

Marcus Lewis Spaces

- Amy Smith

Amy Smith Spaces

- April Bhadd

April Bhadd Spaces

- Debbie Roberts

Debbie Roberts Spaces

- Christopher Fitch

Christopher Fitch Spaces

- Gina Smith

Gina Smith Spaces

- Lisa Powell

Lisa Powell Spaces

- Abouting Your Passions

Philosophical satire and related subjects. Under construction.

- Two Worlds by Laura Harmon

A girl comes home from college for the summer to a family she doesn't quite know how she feels about. Does she love them, or does she hate them? Perhaps it's a bit of both.

- Robert Porter

Robert Porter Spaces

- Stephany Brown

Stephany Brown Spaces

- Roger Langfeld

Roger Langfeld Spaces

- Kim Hinds

Kim Hinds Spaces

- Carrie Evans

Carrie Evans Spaces

- Shelly Martin

Shelly Martin Spaces

- Dajuan Wheeler

Dajuan Wheeler Spaces

- Neb Tovias

Neb Tovias Spaces

- Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson Spaces

- Megan Rivera

Megan Rivera Spaces

- Danielle Divaz

Danielle Divaz Spaces

- Wiliam Rau

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