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- My Favourite Games

My favourite 'classic' computer games.

- The Man Who Does Websites

My 1975 BS Degree in Computer Design established the foundation for what was to become my life's work. I love the Internet and what can be accomplished in so many ways to improve the human condition. The Internet Rocks!

- A Positive Solution in not so simple times

Building a home based business for a financial solution to a better way of life. Work from home on your computer/cellphone. See how $25 turns to $25,000 residual income. A Positive Solution .

- Embedded Technology

- The Best Software Overviews

Popular Software for Windows and MAC Software Business, Antivirus and Security, Multimedia and Entertainment, Music Software, Internet. Reviews Prices.

- Programming Stuff

Mainframe utilities, Operating systems, Programming languages and more.

- Rogue Writer

The testing and play ground of that rascal best known as the Rogue Writer. Anyone want to play Kakuro?

- Well Come

- WebRing System Test Webspace Area

We use this webspace site to test webspace features before foisting them on the rest of the world.

-'s Homepage

The official homepage of WebRing's account. This is you're best place to learn a bit about who we are and to contact us.

- Welcome to the personal WebRing webspace of WWWUSA!.

WWWUSA is the abbreviation of WallaceWebWorksUSA! Stop in and visit us today.

Webspace Home

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