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- Lindsey Baker

Lindsey Baker Spaces

- Marco Achury, Maquinaria Industrial para textil y alimentos

Agente de ventas de maquinaria textil en Venezuela Sales agent of textil machinery at Venezuela.


AHODOVN ANH HONG DONG DUONG EASTERN DAWN INDOCHINA For new business opportunities from and to VietNam. Skype: ahodovn. MP: +84 90 884 1546.

- Jim Ortega

Jim Ortega Spaces

- Icons

- Marquita Oliver

Marquita Oliver Spaces

- Kris Baker

Kris Baker Spaces

- Kyle Palenkara

Kyle Palenkara Spaces

- Terin Carrera

Terin Carrera Spaces

- Matt Neal

Matt Neal Spaces

- Ivette Chaney

Ivette Chaney Spaces

- Jessica Barnes

Jessica Barnes Spaces

- Stephanie Dawson

Stephanie Dawson Spaces

- Sara Duff

Sara Duff Spaces

- investing a wise thing

An investor must be courageous,have delay to gratification,business investor with great ideas and systems

- Linda Mancini

Linda Mancini Spaces


Thanks for clicking.

- Maria Stephenson

Maria Stephenson Spaces

- affordable insurance webspace

fast and affordable insurance webring

- Brenda Moore

Brenda Moore Spaces

- Melissa Jordan

Melissa Jordan Spaces

- Top 50 Steps Jill Berni takes to Relentlessly Market Your Home Fast For Top Dollar

1.) Research tax records to verify full and complete legal information is available to prospective buyers and buyer’s agents on MLS (Multiple listing Service) 2.) Pre-listing inspection to suggest constructive changes to your home to make it more appealing, to show exceptionally well and help it to yield the greatest possible price. 3.) Provide you with home showing guidelines to help have the home prepared for appointments. (i.e. lighting, flowers, soft music, etc.) 4.) Contact neighbors within a one mile radius, who may know of a friend or family member who may be interested in your home. 5.) Assess the Seller's immediate concerns. 6.) Obtain information that will help the team to prepare the listing, advertising and marketing materials. Questions will include: What type of improvements have you made to your house in the past five years? What other features (Type of cabinets, flooring, decks, pool, fireplaces, etc.) 7.) Prepare seller by instructing them to gather home information: have a current tax bill, two sets of keys . One set of keys will be inserted in the lockbox; the other set will be kept at the Berni Teams office in case there is ever a problem with the first set. 8.) Take inside/outside pictures for MLS. 9.) Using the information gathered in the initial meeting and tour of the subject property, to determine the market value of the property. 10.) Research competitive properties that are currently on the market. 11.) Research competitive properties that have sold in the past six months. 12.) Call agents, if needed, to discuss activity on the comparable properties they have listed in the area. 13.) Enter the Seller's name and address in computer system to keep Seller informed of market changes, sales trends or anything that may affect the value and marketability of their property. 14.) Strategically price home to enable it to show up on more MLS Searches. 15.) Prepare an equity analysis to show seller expenses, closing costs and net proceeds. 16.) Provide and explain the State of California mandated (SPDS) Seller Property Disclosure Statement that seller will complete, that will be presented to the buyer of your home. . 17.) Take full color digital photographs of the inside and outside of your home for marketing flyers, advertisements and the Internet. 18.) Electronically submit your home listing information to the Sacramento/El Dorado/Placer Multiple Listing Service for exposure to over 3,000 active real estate agents in the California Multiple List Service Area. 19.) Set up home Warranty, if you choose, to provide to potential buyer as a marketing tool. 20.) Install hi-tech lockbox to allow agents to show your home conveniently. Write remarks within the MLS system specifying how you want the property to be shown. 21.) Search the MLS System for Realtors most likely working with interested and capable buyers matching your home, then fax or email copies of your home listing information for them to review immediately. 22.) Maximize showing potential through professional signage. 23.) Create compelling flyer to insert in brochure box posted on sign. 24.) Target market to determine who are the most likely buyers willing to pay the highest price . 25.) Create a property brochure showing features and lifestyle benefits of your home and area for potential buyers. Add to brochure box to attract those passing by. 26.) Use other marketing techniques; such as offering free reports to multiply chances of buyers calling in, discussing, pre-qualifying for and touring your home. 27.) Help Seller prepare the Homeowner’s Information Sheet which includes information on utilities and services the buyer will need to know when transferring after closing. 28.) Obtain a financing sheet with several financing plans to educate buyers on methods to purchase your home. 29.) Advertise home to my qualified buyers and previous clients in my database. 30.) Create an online Internet property feature page at 31.) Submit a crisp, clean digital montage of photos complete with personally written remarks detailing your home - available to hundreds of millions of people via my websites and linked to several other sites. 32.) Deliver copies of advertisements and marketing material of your home to you for your review. 33.) Log in all home showings to keep record of marketing activity and potential purchasers. 34.) Follow up with all the agents who have shown your home to address any questions or concerns. 35.) Discuss qualifications with prospective buyers to help determine buyer motivation, ability to purchase and probability of closing on the sale. 36.) Provide Open Houses at your request (note: these are not very effective.) 37.) Handle paperwork if price adjustment needed. 38.) Receive Offer (if coming from another agent) and review important details of contract to determine best negotiating position. 39.) Educate & explain all aspects of the legal sales contract, all counter offers, lead based paint, Water Testing, Septic inspection, open Escrow, verify buyers prequalification, verify earnest money deposit. 40.) Negotiate highest price and best terms for you and your situation. 41.) Our Highly trained office staff to process & track entire closing process. 42.) Coordinate scheduling of appraisal and supply comparable sales if needed. 43.) Coordinate scheduling termite inspection. 44.) Coordinate scheduling of Home Inspection with other REALTOR and handle contingencies if any. 45.) Coordinate and review with you any buyer requested repairs and assist cooperating agent with any problems that may arise relative to the inspections. 46.) Coordinate closing and possession to help ensure a smooth closing. 47.) Set up Final Walk through of your home for buyers and their agent. 48.) Assist in scheduling the signing of closing papers. 49.) Arrange transfer of home (keys, warranties, garage door openers, community pool keys, mail box keys) 50.) Help you relocate out of area with highly experienced agents across the globe - you are sure to have the highest quality agent to help you on both sides of your move to make it worry and stress free. Is there any question why The Berni Team often sells homes for 100% of asking price ? You can see why this, “50 Step System” is so effective

- Travis Daughenbaugh

Travis Daughenbaugh Spaces

- home business

for best home based business

- Tony Nichols

Tony Nichols Spaces

- Golden Tech Restaurant Equipment Repair

Parts house for restaurant equipment includes ice machines, deep fryers, grills and more. We have access to 1,000's of parts.

- Isaiah Olson

Isaiah Olson Spaces

- Erika Smith

Erika Smith Spaces

- Would you like to change your financial course?

I did & I would like to show you how to do it, with a turn key business with the best pay plan in the industry. Unlimited income potential, unlike an hourly job.

- Learning About Industrial Hemp

This site was created to share news and knowledge about Industrial Hemp because too many Americans don't understand the difference between it and other varieties. This site has a hemp leaf background, but is easily made SFW simply by changing to any of several other skins available in the drop-down menu.

- top 10

As an internet marketer or person that wants to make more money online, you have probably seen countless emails and ads about the NEWEST and BIGGEST internet marketing product on Clickbank. If you have seen people promoting these products, you also know that a lot of these products are likely to be scams. The hype on the sales pages of these big Clickbank products are sometimes overwhelming. Don't worry though... That is why I went out to check out ten of the TOP Internet Marketing Products on Clickbank to see if they are worth the hype or not. I have chosen 10 of the top Clickbank IM products for 2011 and tried them out for you.

- A Positive Solution in not so simple times

Building a home based business for a financial solution to a better way of life. Work from home on your computer. Turn $2 Into $1000's/mo. The possibilities are endless! : )

- Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie Martinez Spaces

- Joe Jones

Joe Jones Spaces

- LM Rio Brindes

Este site expõe toda uma gama de brindes interessantes e úteis no cotidiano das pessoas e que a todos agradam em ganhá-los. Não existe material mais promocional do que brindes. Não fique de fora. Se promova, promovendo a sua empresa. Isso é bom para você e para os seus negócios!

- John Magnus

John Magnus Spaces

- Joe Metzger

Joe Metzger Spaces

- Cory Myers

Cory Myers Spaces

- Bobby Mauras

Bobby Mauras Spaces

- Bayle Bates

Bayle Bates Spaces

- Boston Ramsey

Boston Ramsey Spaces

- Brandon Ayers

Brandon Ayers Spaces

- Wesley Vang

Wesley Vang Spaces

- Elizabeth Louli

Elizabeth Louli Spaces

- Monique Acevedo

Monique Acevedo Spaces

- Joel Rowe

Joel Rowe Spaces


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- Jeff Lindner

Jeff Lindner Spaces

- Chris Eidenschink

Chris Eidenschink Spaces

- DWScott Financial

It's for the people

- Charisse Piatt

Charisse Piatt Spaces

- foobar

Yes sir.

- Jennifer Maughan

Jennifer Maughan Spaces

- Peter Edwar

Peter Edwar Spaces

- Eddie Godfrey

Eddie Godfrey Spaces

- Garrick Zapata

Garrick Zapata Spaces

- Jennifer Anaya

Jennifer Anaya Spaces

- Michael Alvey

Michael Alvey Spaces

- Natalie Dominguez

Natalie Dominguez Spaces

- Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer Hicks Spaces

- Zach Reiffenberger

Zach Reiffenberger Spaces

- VoiceItGuy voice overs

Voice over artist working out of my own studio in the mid west.

- Swiss Replica Watches - High Quality and Lowest Prices

Brands Popular offer quality imitation Rolex watches, replica watches, fake Rolex, Omega and Breitling replica watches to its valuable clients. We create best replica watches that are the exact look-alikes of the famous fashion labels.

- Matthew Hicks

Matthew Hicks Spaces

- The Stores at 306 Cumberland Street

The starting point for information on the businesses located at 306 Cumberland Street (Fuller Brush Chick, Doorknob Fairy - Avon Independent Sales Representative, J & J Paint & Supply, along with consignments & other offerings)

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