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- birds as pets world

For bird owners to interact with other bird owners and share photos and videos and stories of there birds

- married in the Philippines

- movie

- Home of the plot bunnys

This is a home for my Fan Fictions, mostly Yaoi, so you can read it at your own risk, if you don't like boy x boy, you shouldn't bother with most of those storys! You are warned!

- "lack self esteem"

If you "lack self esteem" or "self-confidence" you must look above for the reasons. You may be overly criticizing yourself or telling yourself "negative things" like "I'm bound to fail" or "I'm not good enough" or even "I don't deserve to succeed". These will make failure likely. Check this page for how to end "negative thoughts" You can get help.with any situation just e-mail me

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- Jeremiah Matthew Dillon

Jeremiah Mathew Dillon A Biography By Marlow Bumpus Updated May 27, 2010 Jeremiah Mathew Dillon, was born in West Meath, Ireland in 1842 or 43 to Jeremiah and Margaret Dillon. In 1850, toward the end of the potato famine, when Jeremiah was 7 and his elder brother David was 13, the family immigrated to America after walking from West Meath to Galway to embark on a ship to America. I recently obtained an map, dated 1795, showing the surnames of landowners of Ireland with a large Dillon group on the east side of Laugh Ree near Portlick and the Lissakillen area of West Meath, about 70 miles from Galway by today's roads. There were probably shorter cart trails in 1850. Even today Dillons of Ireland are concentrated in and around West Meath. The Dillon family landed in New York and was there when the census enumerator counted them in 1850 in the Eastern Division of the First Ward of New York City. Jeremiah Sr. was 36 and Margaret was 35. Living in the same house was a family named Dean, John 30, Mary 24, Ellen 1 and a fellow named Charles Cayhill. The new Irish immigrants were not liked then, not even by the Irish who had immigrated just a few years earlier. Times were tough and there was not much work. Many of the Irish of the day joined gangs of New Irish and Old Irish had a deep hatred toward one another and battles were fought. The New Irish stuck together in the rundown tenements. Many of them migrated west early on and started new settlements. Many worked the numerous mineral mines of California, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and other points "out west" There was one mining town in Colorado in the last half of the 19th century that was almost all Irish. It was founded by an Irishman who would only hire Irish miners. The family was in New York when Jeremiah Jr. became a naturalized citizen on August 10, 1865. In 1886, Jeremiah Dillon Driver was listed in the New York City directory and Margaret was listed in the 1889 directory as the widow of Jeremiah, living at 143 Washington, the same place they were living in 1886. If the Dillons listed in the City directories are young Jeremiah's parents then his father would have been in his early 70's at the time of his death. After the war Jeremiah Jr. worked at whatever he could and moved often to stay employed. Such was the pattern the remainder of his life of his life. At some point he met Clara Olive Gardner who was born in Effingham, Illinois, July 3, 1857. They were married in Clarksville, Arkansas on June 15, 1871. Clara described Jeremiah Mathew Dillon as having "blue eyes, auburn hair, curly or wavy, medium sized, 5 ft. 5 to 8 inches tall, maximum weight, 160 lbs." She claimed he worked as a "bookkeeper, engineer, saloonkeeper, merchant and jack-of-all-trades". Clara said her father deserted the family after the war and that she eventually took her younger sister and moved to Louisville, Kentucky leaving her elder brother Frank and sister Elizabeth on the family farm. Jeremiah and Clara Dillon were living in Joplin, Missouri in late 1874 when Mary Ellen was born. The twins; Oma and Nova were born in Arkansas in 1876. They were back in Missouri in 1878 when daughter Olive was born. In 1880 the census taker found Jeremiah and Clara, Olive as she preferred, in the young town of Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas. "Eureka Springs A Pictorial History" published in 1975 by the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library Association reviles that a pioneer settler, Dr. Alvah Jackson, first located the site of Eureka Springs in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. He had been searching for the "Indian Healing Springs" for many years and felt he had found them in 1856 in the mountains west of Berryville Arkansas while he was hunting. He claimed to witness the healing of his young son's eyes after they had been bathed in water from the spring. Feeling the water had healing powers, he began to make use of it in his practice. The spring remained hidden in the wilderness until 1879 when people began coming by the hundreds, in search of "the healing water". The Midwestern Plains Indians had been using the "Great Healing Springs" for centuries. The town grew to become a tourist town, which it remains today, and is still visited for its healing powers by people from all over the world. The census enumerator counted thousands including the Dillon family in Eureka Springs by the time he showed up in 1880. Many were living in small wood framed housed on the side of a steep hill and the main street was named Mud Street, probably for good reason. The previously mentioned history of Eureka Springs includes a photograph taken in 1880 of almost the entire town and shows major progress with some larger buildings, some under construction, as high as four or five stories as well as several businesses along Mud Street. I assume Jeremiah moved to this boomtown for a job. The family was back in Missouri when Frank was born in 1882 but in October of 1886 James was born in Arkansas. Jeremiah's last child, David, was born in Missouri in December of 1889. That's a lot of moving around but not unusual for the time if one wanted to stay employed. 1889 is the year Jeremiah was killed in a mining accident, probably in Missouri. Wasting no time, on Christmas day that same year, Clara Olive Gardner Dillon married John W McGuire in Eureka Springs. John McGuire was also a hard working laborer who worked in the mines and smelters in the area where Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri come almost together. John and Clara had three children, Minnie in 1893, Sidney in 1894 and Albert in 1901. They lived in Iola Kansas in 1900 and were living in Fresno, California by 1920. John and Clara both died and are buried in Fresno. Frank Dillon moved to Dinuba, California about the time his mother and sister Mary, who was married to George James Bumpus. did. He raised his family and died there. Nova Dillon married Henry Shea in Iola, Kansas in about 1900. They moved to Edmonds, Washington, owned and ran an apartment house and raised their family there. David Dillon may have joined the Navy as George Marlowe Bumpus inherited "uncle Dave's Navy Colt" One of the Jeremiah Dillon's daughter's married and moved to Texas but I don't know where in Texas nor which daughter. Having retired, Frank Dillon's son John is living in Fresno California and his sister is living in a nearby town. John remembers being told by his father that Jeremiah had to shoot squirrels to feed his family at times. John Dillon has been a great help in researching the life of Jeremiah Dillon and continues to research the Dillon, McGuire and Bumpus families. Without his efforts and knowledge of the family, this biography, brief as it is, would not have been possible.

- belly dance belt

- My Art Space

Web space that lets me show off my latest art work and creations.


- Condy African Grey Gray Parrot Congo

- Lions District Governor

MESSAGE FROM THE DISTRICT GOVERNOR Distinguished Lions and Leos, I take this opportunity to thank each one of you sincerely for the confidence and trust bestowed upon me by electing me to lead you in the year 2010-2011. It is a great privilege for me serve our District and to work with you in accomplishing the International and District goals. I trust in your support as we serve the needy. You will all appreciate that the number of fellow human beings unable to access the basic needs or to attain an acceptable standard of living keeps increasing owing to conflicts and natural disasters. Therefore having committed ourselves to serve, it is our duty to bring hope into the lives of the less fortunate members of our community. I depend upon you all to work with determination and zeal to serve our District and our communities in fulfillment of our District's motto of �Lighting up the Future� for the less privileged members of our society. I encourage all the clubs to engage in noble projects and activities , with emphasis on public relations so that our efforts are heard and recognized. We need to continue to develop and improve leadership skills among ourselves , retain membership and promote membership growth through adequate orientation of new members. Be supportive to weak declining clubs and promote youth and Leo clubs ,for these are our future. I encourage all clubs to increase the membership of women and their participation in leadership at all levels. Women have proved to be very dedicated and supportive members and therefore essential in keeping clubs alive and vibrant. Make lionism a family affair and we will serve better. Lastly I wish to encourage you to contribute generously in the District and to LCIF. I trust the Almighty will keep us in good health and guide us as we confront the challenge of the year ahead �Lighting up the Future� for the needy. I wish you all a great and rewarding year, Lion Wilson Tumwine District Governor 2010-2011

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- Percy's Perch

Breeder of exhibition Old English Game Bantams, Silkies, and Standard Rhode Island Reds. Includes information about my birds and how to get started in raising poultry.

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pgina para principiantes ,novicios

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We use the webspace area of the webringstaff account to create tutorials and other help pages.

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